:: Engasser Construction Corp ::
"Quality is our
#1  Priority."
:: Safety Program  ::
Engasser Construction Corp's safety program is aimed at meeting the goals
of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) to assure every
working individual a safe and healthful workplace.  Proper training and
education of our workforce is the key to a safe working environment.  The
ultimate goal is the preservation of human resources.
Engasser Construction Corp. knows that a safe and healthy working
environment is actually an extension of the company image. Accidents
adversely affect the operating costs of the company.  But more importantly
there is the potential chance for the loss of life, disability or personnel, and
the loss of valuable skills.

Teamwork is the key ingredient to developing and maintaining an effective
safety program. Cooperation between management, employees, general
contractors, subcontractors and clients are essential in meeting the goals of
a safety program.  The following goals are essential for a successful safety

  • Proper employee training
  • Provide all reasonable safeguards to prevent  work-related injuries
  • Enforcement of safety regulations
  • Daily self-inspections by employees.
  • Frequent inspections by safety officer, operations manager, project  
    manager, and superintendent
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Establish safety committees
  • Accident reporting and investigations
  • Comply with all federal, state and local laws regarding  a safe working
  • Correction of any unsafe working conditions
  • Incentive programs

Engasser Construction Corp. believes that an ongoing commitment to a
formal safety program will produce the following benefits:

  • A safe and health work environment
  • Preservation of human resources
  • Reduction in operational overhead costs
  • Enhancement of company's image
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Client satisfaction